How do I get My Commissions

Q: What methods of payment do you offer?

When you earn cash with Click Kingdom we pay you via check or Paypal.

Q: What is the commission rate?

The minimum is 30% but the sites vary so you must join up or to learn more.

Q: How often do you pay?

All affiliates with balances greater than $25.00 have the option of being paid once a month. All payments for the previous month are processed on the 10th of the following month. Any remaining commissions not paid out are rolled over into the next month. (Commissions never expire)

Q: I saw you are a Canadian company, what funds do you pay in?

All affiliate payments are in US Dollars written from a US based bank account.

Q: What are my chances of making money?

That all depends, people who put more effort into marketing products through Click Kingdom have a better chance of earning money. We have a perfect track record of paying our affiliates what they earn in a timely manner.

Q: What about refunds and fraud?

Commissions from orders that are refunded or fraudulent are revoked immediately.