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PPC Link Builder PPC Link Builder
Create customized links to any of the Click Kingdom network of sites from your current PPC campaigns with our new link building tool.
Ultimate Tracking Ultimate Tracking
Setup individual campaigns and track every click, sale and conversion with ease.
More Marketing Tools More Marketing Tools
Join today and take advantage of our entire suite of marketing tools. We have everything from multi-language banners, contextual ads and lead generation.
Great Conversions Great Conversions
All products and websites that we offer for you promote have one thing in common they convert to sales.
30 to 50 percent commissions

Why join the Kingdom?

  • Start earning money today* !
    Being an affiliate has never been easier! Earn big commissions with one the most trusted names in the industry for problem skin treatments. There's no complex logic behind our success. We provide a quality, effective product that people enjoy. As a result, our affiliates see loyal customers that buy often.
  • Earn more 24/7!
    Our customers come from all walks of life and consumer groups. Problem skin affects everyone. Realizing this allows you to market to millions of other potential customers outside of North America.
  • Simply the best afffiliate system!
    Traffic doesn't come cheap anymore, whether you pay for it or not. Our belief at Click Kingdom is to give you the most value for your traffic. Our popular products are proven winners for affiliates. Click Kingdom affiliates see an average conversion of 1-2%, with our top affiliates seeing conversions at 5-6%. We also provide one of the most valuable upsale systems around. In fact, 20% of all users who checkout through our cart take advantage of one of our current upsales. That's an additional $10-$20 per sale! With an average payout of $18-$30 a sale it's no wonder our affiliates routinely tell us our system is one of the best around. Join today see for yourself!
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